• harry-leslie-smith

    Harry Leslie Smith

    We heard the very sad news today of the passing of Harry Leslie Smith, who described himself as the ‘World’s oldest rebel’! I met Harry in 2014 at the Labour Party Conference in Manchester, where he delivered one of the most impassioned speeches I’ve ever heard. Quietly spoken, he instantly engaged with the delegates, who gave […]

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  • Life as a Domiciliary Carer

    When I went to bed last night, my rota said a 7am start time. Taking this for granted I set my alarm for 5.30am. I had a text at 10.43pm telling my rota had changed and I was starting a half hour earlier, I did not get the text until I woke up and consequently, […]

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    Spring 2018 Newsletter

    Brexit & the Economy ~ Affordable Homes? ~ Policing and Community Safety ~ The Gender Pay Gap Test ~ Benefits of Public Ownership ~ NHS 70 Local View ~ Bracknell Young Labour ~ Can you save on your Council Tax? ~ Free money for Schools and Charities ~ Membership Options

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    Paul Bidwell, your local parliamentary candidate

    • This election is about the future of education, housing and our NHS • I have lived in Bracknell for twenty years. I am a trustee of two local elderly Day Centres, and the local community centre. I have extensive public & private sector experience in the UK, USA and Europe.

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  • BFC logo web

    Labour’s Budget Speech 2017

    This budget has been forced upon the Council by the tactical decisions of central government. […] But this government is very astute. When the quality of life of residents is badly affected, Westminster will be able to say- it is because of decisions made by your local councillors. […] Perhaps local councils should make more of a fuss.

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    Response to Budget Consultation 2017

    I fully understand the financial predicament of Local Councils following the central government’s complete withdrawal of the Revenue Support grant by 2020; for Bracknell Forest- a hole of £23.5m. I also appreciate all the work being done in the Transformation Teams to identify savings by considering different ways of delivering service.

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    Council Notes: 18/01/17

    Councillor Mary Temperton statement at Council on the Tax Discount Scheme:
    “It is stated that this scheme is an attempt to support people with greatest need, but 1351 will have an increased Council Tax bill”

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  • 2017 Newsletter

    Spring 2017 Newsletter

    Your Labour Neighbour ~ The Refugee Crisis ~ Police & Crime Commissioner ~ Council Cuts Challenged ~ General Election ~ Housing and Homelessness ~ Academisation of our Schools ~ Free money for Schools and Charities ~ Calendar

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Election Results

> 30.2% vote share and +13.3% gain in 2017 General Election.

> Won Reading Borough Council
(31 Seats) and Slough Borough Council
(12 out of the 14 Seats).

> Increased vote share in Thames
Valley Police Commissioner elections
(46% LAB).

> Won the London Assembly (12 Seats) and the Welsh Assembly for the 5th time (29 Seats).

> New city mayors in London, Salford, Liverpool and Bristol.

> 13 Labour Police Commissioners elected nationwide (3 gains from CON)

> 1326 Councillors elected nationwide controlling 58 Councils.

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