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Saving ‘Home-Start’

Cllr. Mary Temperton writes:

‘Home-Start’ is an organisation based in Bracknell that supports families, giving free practical and emotional support. Volunteers are trained to work with the parents/families in their own home. Skills and experience are shared so that parents are given the confidence and support to cope and be successful parents. The volunteers go to the park, help with cooking, and play with the children, read to the children. ‘Home-Start’ also has mornings when the families can come together and share experiences. The outcomes are very positive and young families are enabled to give their children a good start in life, the early years being the most vital in determining children’s future achievement and well-being. They support between 70 and 100 families and provide highly quality training, experience and support to 10 new volunteers each year.

The Bracknell Forest Council now proposes to cut the grant to ‘Home-Start’ by 50%. This will mean the training for the volunteers will have to be cut. At least 30 families will no longer be supported.  This is so short-sighted as investing now to support the children and enabling the young family to succeed will save thousands in the future. Many volunteers will lose the opportunity to contribute to their local community or gain skills for employment.

Please write in to the Bracknell Forest Council and ask this cut to be stopped.

Please write to:

Janette.Karklins@bracknell-forest.gov.uk (Director of Children, Young People and Learning) and Alan.Nash@bracknell-forest.gov.uk (Borough Treasurer)

OR .  You can make your views on the Home-Start grant cut known up until 5th April on BFC’s website – here is the link:


Tom Neill

Posted by:

Tom Neill
Campaign Coordinator (North Bracknell)

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