Clive Temperton

Clive Temperton


Clive was your Town Councillor for 12 years until 2007 and enjoyed being the Council’s representative on the Board of South Hill Park. He is standing again because the Town Council has a large impact on the quality of life in Bracknell. Clive was a research scientist but he is now retired. With three granddaughters all at Wooden Hill School, he often has the opportunity to check on the maintenance and suitability of local play equipment! He also has an allotment at the South Road site. Married to Mary, Clive is very involved in the community and is a regular member of the litter picking team. As your Councillor, he consulted your opinions during street surgeries and the monthly surgery at the Talk Shop.

Election Results

> 30.2% vote share and +13.3% gain in 2017 General Election.

> Won Reading Borough Council
(31 Seats) and Slough Borough Council
(12 out of the 14 Seats).

> Increased vote share in Thames
Valley Police Commissioner elections
(46% LAB).

> Won the London Assembly (12 Seats) and the Welsh Assembly for the 5th time (29 Seats).

> New city mayors in London, Salford, Liverpool and Bristol.

> 13 Labour Police Commissioners elected nationwide (3 gains from CON)

> 1326 Councillors elected nationwide controlling 58 Councils.

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