John Wright


John is honorary curator in the Geology Department at Royal Holloway College, Egham. He has been a Labour Party member for 35 years, and has a great deal of experience of Local Government issues. He has lived in Bracknell Forest for 20 years. His children went to local schools, and he has a wide knowledge of the problems facing Bracknell Forest residents relating to such issues as under achieving of young people, traffic congestion and the re-development of the town centre. John stood as candidate for Crown Wood in the last council elections, and achieved a substantial turn-out of labour voters.

Election Results

> 30.2% vote share and +13.3% gain in 2017 General Election.

> Won Reading Borough Council
(31 Seats) and Slough Borough Council
(12 out of the 14 Seats).

> Increased vote share in Thames
Valley Police Commissioner elections
(46% LAB).

> Won the London Assembly (12 Seats) and the Welsh Assembly for the 5th time (29 Seats).

> New city mayors in London, Salford, Liverpool and Bristol.

> 13 Labour Police Commissioners elected nationwide (3 gains from CON)

> 1326 Councillors elected nationwide controlling 58 Councils.

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