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Mary Temperton

Bracknell Forest Borough and Town Councillor for Great Hollands North

Vice Chair, Bracknell Constituency Labour Party (Agent)

I have lived in Bracknell for 40 years and been a Town Councillor for Great Hollands for over 30 of them. I am committed to keeping Bracknell as green as possible and to ensuring that our play areas are well maintained and reflect the need of local children. I welcome the liaison with the local police, improving the safety of our neighbourhoods.

I have been a Bracknell Forest Councillor for the past 4 years and leader of the two Labour Councillors. I serve on many Overview and Scrutiny Panels dealing with education, children and young people, housing, adult services, health, safety, employment and other committees. I have been contacted by hundreds of residents over the past four years but the main and most difficult problems to resolve are the housing issues. I have supported people when they visit the Housing Department threatened with eviction and have become and expert on the treatment of mould! The other main frustration is the lack of planning enforcement by the Council to ensure the shop at Jennett’s Park is built and opened. I really enjoy making a difference and getting an issue resolved.

I was a Science Teacher at Easthampstead Park School for over 22 years but am now retired. I still help run the Youth Club that meets every Wednesday evening at Great Hollands Community Centre and now also help run the Parent and Toddler group that meet there every Wednesday morning. I am chairman of the Great Hollands Primary School Governors and am very involved with the school, running three different clubs. I am also a governor at Easthampstead Park School and am Chair of the Committee that helps run the Great Hollands Community Centre building. I organise the regular community Litter Picks on both Great Hollands and Jennett’s Park and keep residents informed by the Great Hollands Matters and regular News letters.

Election Results

> 30.2% vote share and +13.3% gain in 2017 General Election.

> Won Reading Borough Council
(31 Seats) and Slough Borough Council
(12 out of the 14 Seats).

> Increased vote share in Thames
Valley Police Commissioner elections
(46% LAB).

> Won the London Assembly (12 Seats) and the Welsh Assembly for the 5th time (29 Seats).

> New city mayors in London, Salford, Liverpool and Bristol.

> 13 Labour Police Commissioners elected nationwide (3 gains from CON)

> 1326 Councillors elected nationwide controlling 58 Councils.

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